Podcast Hosting

StreamGuys Podcast hosting service delivers Podcasts to your subscribers on demand, as scheduled by their favorite Podcast application.

We provide podcast hosting and support to publish your Podcast on your web site as an RSS feed

We deliver the Podcast to end users acting as the internet "broadcast tower" eliminating bandwidth consumption and operating costs on your website and local network.

StreamGuys Network utilizes premium bandwidth and data centers to ensure global distribution and mission critical delivery.

Automate your podcast creation by integrating SGrecast with your StreamGuys podcast hosting. Adding a new podcast episode to your RSS feed is as easy as scheduling SGrecast to record your stream. SGrecast’s customizable Podcast Player automatically pulls new episodes as they are recorded.

Podcast Hosting Includes:

  • FTP account for uploading your content
  • Scalable Podcast account
  • Support to publish your Podcast on your website as an RSS feed

Feature Set

  • Disk Space
  • iTunes Reader Support
  • Odeo Reader Support
  • IpodderX Reader Support
  • SSH/Remote Desktop Access
  • FTP Access
  • SGreports Compatibility
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